Pre-Primary G – Week 3

Rebecca WatsonPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

On Tuesday, the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and reflecting upon a kind gesture they will do throughout Lent. The following day we acknowledged Ash Wednesday by having ashes placed on forehead. Children then stated one kind thing they will do throughout the Forty Days of Lent.   In Religion this week we read the story of Jesus … Read More

Pre-Primary G – Week 2 – Term 1 2018

Rebecca WatsonPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

In Religion this week, PPG Students gave compliments to one another about what makes each person special and unique. We rolled a ball of wool to one another and as a class we named something special about each person. This got us thinking about what we like about ourselves and things that we are good at. Children then stated the … Read More

Week 1 Term 1 2018 in Pre-Primary G

Rebecca WatsonPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

What a fantastic start to the school year in Pre-Primary G! My name is Rebecca Watson and I am the Pre-Primary G Teacher. Laura Barden is the Education Assistant in our classroom. We have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and exploring the learning centers within our room. We read the story ‘Have You Filled a … Read More

Year 2M – Week 9

Rebecca WatsonYear 1, Year 1G, Year 1M, Year 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

The Year 2 students recently visited SciTech! Students completed a STEM based activity where they were to create a parachute using only paper, tape, plastic bag and string. We trialed our product and made refinements where necessary. We took a virtual tour of space in the Planetarium where we learnt about constellations and facts about space! We then became Planet … Read More

Year 2M – Week 8

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

This week we spent time in the Chapel praying for our fellow friends in California, wishing them a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Children also stated ways they will show love to others during the season of Advent. Year 2M were assigned a project to learn about different ways people in other countries celebrate Christmas. … Read More

Year 2M – Week 7

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

The Year One and Two students celebrated their Para-Liturgy on Tuesday. Children read, sung and performed the nativity scene beautifully! A very big thank you to all family members and friends who came along to celebrate this special event. In Religion this week, we begun reading to story of Advent. Children illustrated their favourite part of each of the stories, … Read More

Year 2M – Week 6 – Week 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

In Religion this week, children thought about ways they will show love to others during the period of Advent. Children then illustrated three ways they will “Bucket Fill” during the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Our combined Year 1 and 2 Para Liturgy was held in the School Chapel. Families and friends are welcome to attend. In Literacy, children scanned their … Read More

Year 2M – Week 5

Rebecca WatsonYear 2M

In Religion this week, children considered all they have learnt as they have grown. In groups, children worked to create a mind map of all the things they have learnt so far in their lives. This activity allowed children realise just how clever they are and all the achievements they have made. On Tuesday we celebrated Melbourne Cup. As a … Read More

Year 2M – Week 4 – Term 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

This week in Religion, children reflected upon the different parts of Mass and discussed what they enjoy about participating in the celebration. Children then illustrated their most favourite part of the Eucharistic Mass. As a class, children worked together to match sacred vessels and items with the correct QR code description.  On Monday we celebrated Book Week! The theme for … Read More

Year 2M – Week 3 Term 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

In Religion this week we learnt about the special items used during the Eucharistic Mass. During Whole School Mass on Tuesday we paid close attention to the words said, actions taken and items used during this special celebration. Children then used 3D images to create an altar showing the different items used during the Eucharistic celebration. On Wednesday our school … Read More

Year 2M – Week 2 – Term 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

In Religion we role played the story of the Last Supper and discussed the events that took place. We then analysed parts of the Eucharist that we celebrate during Mass. We discussed the words “Do this in memory of me” and the symbolic meaning of Jesus’ words and his actions at the time of the Last Supper. We have been … Read More

Year 2M – Week 1 – Term 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

Welcome back for our final term of school! The students in Year 2M arrived back from holidays to a classroom of clues about or theme for this term… A discovery tub with precious gems and rocks, sparkly dough and sticky rocks!? This had the children talking about our theme and discussing their opinions and giving reasons. Finally, they discovered we … Read More