Since closing the Canteen Advisory Committee has developed a draft menu on which we are seeking your comment.
To be successful more volunteers are required – please complete the Volunteer survey.
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St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School Canteen complies with the Healthy Foods Policy and is managed on behalf of the School Board by Mrs. Liz O’Meara.

The Canteen adheres to the Traffic Light system introduced by the Government in 2006. Our policy places food into categories based on a Traffic Light. Our menu must comply and consist of a minimum of 60% green.

NEW Canteen Menu – 2017
  • Canteen operates Monday and Thursday for recess and lunch.
  • Canteen opens at 8:30am.
  • Write your child’s name, class and order on a lunch bag / envelope and enclose correct money (where change is required it is taped at the corner of the lunch bag, or for the younger children, put in a white bag and stapled to the lunch order).
  • There is a nominal charge of 5c for a lunch bag if required.
  • Place the order in the canteen basket provided in each classroom.
  • Orders can also be written at the canteen each morning before school.

Please note:

  • No orders are accepted for recess items. These items can be purchased at the canteen during recess and lunch times.
  • Ice creams may only be purchased at lunch time.
  • Pre-ordering of lunches for future days is not permitted.
  • Extra food, if any is available, will be offered to the child.
  • Alternatively, the child will be provided with a vegemite or cheese sandwich and a note will be sent home to the parent.
Due to Health and Safety Regulations we are unable to reheat any food that is brought from home. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Special Lunch Menu

Sushi for lunch

The sushi needs to be ordered by Friday 10am for Monday or Wednesday 10am for Thursday each week.

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Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki and Rice needs to be pre-ordered.
Friday for Monday
Wednesday for Thursday.

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Students should not be taking any money to school other than for School Banking with a completed form or for canteen purchases on Monday and Thursday.

It is unwise for children to be responsible for large sums of money and therefore students should never be in possession of more than $20 at any time while at school.