Since closing the Canteen Advisory Committee has developed a draft menu on which we are seeking your comment.
To be successful more volunteers are required – please complete the Volunteer survey.
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St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School Canteen complies with the Healthy Foods Policy and is managed on behalf of the School Board by Mrs. Liz O’Meara.

The Canteen adheres to the Traffic Light system introduced by the Government in 2006. Our policy places food into categories based on a Traffic Light. Our menu must comply and consist of a minimum of 60% green.

NEW Canteen Menu – 2017
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Sushi for Lunch is temporarily UNAVAILABLE

Sushi Orders have temporarily been postponed.

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Chicken Teriyaki is temporarily UNAVAILABLE

Chicken Teriyaki and Rice has been temporarily postponed.

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How does canteen work?

  • Canteen operates Tuesday and Friday for recess and lunch.
  • Canteen opens at 8:30am.


Students should not be taking any money to school other than for School Banking.

It is unwise for children to be responsible for large sums of money and therefore students should never be in possession of more than $20 at any time while at school.