Kindergarten Term 4 Week 6

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

It is hard to  believe that the children have only 4 weeks left of Kindergarten, however the fun has yet to end! This week the children drew pictures of their families and Jesus’ family and compared the difference. They named all the members of their family and talked about how they can pray to Jesus and his family (Mother Mary … Read More

Kindergarten Term 4 Week 5

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

This week in Kindy the children heard the Nativity Story for the very first time. The Nativity Story is the story of Jesus’ birth, the reason we celebrate Christmas. The children listened to how Angel Gabriel appeared to Mother Mary and told her she was going to have a very special baby. After listening to the story the children made … Read More

Kindergarten Term 4 Week 4

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

In RE this week the children continued wondering at all the creepy crawlies that God made. We read The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and made paper plate butterfly life cycles showing the four stages of the butterfly life cycle: the egg, the pupa, the caterpillar, the chrysalis and the butterfly. Our ‘Around the World’ trip came to an end … Read More

Kindergarten Term 4 Week 3

Lee-Ann PavicicAboriginal News, Kindy

In RE the children have been wondering about all the ‘Creepy Crawlies’ that God made. I wonder how many insects there are in the whole world? I wonder why did He make them so small? I wonder if there were insects in Jesus’ garden where he lived? I wonder if insects are scared of people? We talked about how insects … Read More

Kindergarten Term 4 Week 2

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

The Kindergarten children began Week 2 with a very exciting trip to Scitech. After morning tea on arrival they spent an hour in Discoverland where they explored concepts such as: How energy can come from different sources (Eg. air, pushing & pulling, electricity) Team work Magnetism Light and shadows Following their Discoverland play, the children watched a puppet show called … Read More

Kindergarten- Welcome to Term 4!

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

Welcome to Term 4 – All Around the World! The Kindergarten children have had a fun start to Term 4 in which we will be learning about ‘Around the World’. They have enjoyed the new Dramatic Play area which has been turned into an ‘International Airport’, and the Block Area where they have been trying to replicate building structures from … Read More

Kindergarten- End of Term 3!

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

Time flies when you are having fun and the Kindy children have now come to the end of a busy and fun filled term! This week the children finished their ‘Australia’ theme by drawing beautiful Australian native flowers. We took a walk around our garden to look at the different flowers and plants that are growing. The children then chose … Read More

Kindergarten Week 9 Term 3

Lee-Ann PavicicECE Play Ground, Kindy

The Kindy children have been preparing to celebrate our school’s NAIDOC Week. The theme for 2017 is Our Language Matters. We played a game of charades and talked about the ways people can communicate without using their voices. We talked about how the Aboriginals used symbols and storytelling to communicate. The children made paintings using Aboriginal symbols and experimented with … Read More

Kindergarten Term 3 Week 8

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

This week in Religious Education the Kindy children continued caring for the seeds which they planted. We made sure they received enough sun (but not too much!) and enough water. There is still no sign of any seedlings sprouting but hopefully with the beautiful Spring weather it will not be long. They sequenced pictures of the plant life cycle and … Read More

Kindergarten Term 3 Week 7

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

The Kindy children started their very own herb garden this week. We read the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and talked about what seeds need to grow. In the afternoons we ventured outside to the playground and utilised some pots that Mr Clark gave us to plant chives, parsley, mint, chilli and basil. The children filled the pots … Read More

Kindergarten Term 3 Week 6 2017

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

This week the children have been learning more about recycling as a way of caring for God’s world. We watched a cartoon about the recycling process and then talked about the types of things we can recycle (glass, paper/cardboard, plastic and tin). Mr Griffiths found four ‘recycling boxes’ and the children made signs for each box. Mrs Kitchen took some … Read More

Kindergarten Term 3 Week 5

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

In Religious Education the children have been talking about recycling as a way of looking after God’s world. Some of the children said they recycle at home and shared their experiences with the class. The items that seem to be commonly recycled by our Kindy families include paper, plastic and glass. Next week we will be looking at ways we … Read More