Year 6 – Week 8 – Term 3

Marion PasiniReligious Celebrations, Year 6

Religious Education The students have had a fantastic excursion to the Schoenstatt Shrine with Sister Lisette. The students discovered many interesting things about the Sacrament of confirmation and represented the school so beautifully. On Thursday the students prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation by attending a short Mass and Reconciliation thereafter. Confirmation This Sunday the students made their Confirmation. It was a … Read More

Archbishop’s LifeLink Day Launch

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LifeLink is the fundraising and promotional arm which supports and assists the work of social service agencies established by the Archdiocese of Perth. LifeLink agencies reach out to more than 31,000 Western Australians in need each year. Each year schools are asked to support the Archbishop’s LifeLink Appeal Day. For LifeLink Day 2017, students are once again invited to make … Read More

Year 4 – Week 5 Term 1

Keith MummeReligious Celebrations, Year 4

On Tuesday In Religion, talked about Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday) and the significance of this day. It is the day before the start of Lent – Ash Wednesday, which is a time of cleansing and fasting. Early Christians went to confession and were ‘Shriven’ – made free from their sins. It was also the last day opportunity to use up … Read More

Week 5 Year 3M

Gerard PolReligious Celebrations, Year 3, Year 3M

Religion This week marked a significant event in the Church calendar- Ash Wednesday. We celebrated on Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and talked about how the Tuesday before, is a time to indulge in light of the coming Lenten Season- where fasting and commitment take place leading up to Easter. On Ash Wednesday, students received ashes made in the Sign … Read More

Year 1M Week 5 Term 1

Daniella RanauroReligious Celebrations, Year 1M

I’d like to thank all parents who attended the Information Night on Monday. I hope the information was useful and you have gathered a thorough insight into what Year 1 is all about. This week in Numeracy we have begun learning about number lines. We observed different number lines and practised locating numbers on a number line with partners. We … Read More

Week 5 in Year 2G

Carmen GatcumReligious Celebrations, Year 2, Year 2G

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the Parent Information Night on Monday night. It was great to see parents coming along to see what we are up to in Year 2G. This week we learnt about Ash Wednesday and Lent. We had a chance to share our current knowledge and we watched a short clip about … Read More

Religious Education News with Mrs Johnson – Assistant Principal RE

Marion PasiniReligious Celebrations

Religious Education News   Sacramental Dates for 2017 Please add these confirmed dates to your diaries for 2017 of all the Sacraments   Term One Reconciliation Commitment Masses Saturday 25 February 6:00pm or Sunday 26 February 10.00am Notre Dame Parish Reconciliation Parent/Candidate Workshop Thursday March 9 6:00pm Notre Dame Parish First Reconciliation Liturgy Thursday 16 March 6:00pm Notre Dame Parish … Read More

Save the Date: JP II 30th Anniversary Aboriginal Mass 27th November 2016

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that Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Perth will be hosting a Mass of celebration at St Marys Cathedral on Sunday the 27th Nov 2016 at 5pm. This Mass is to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of St John Paul II visit to Australia and his special message to Aboriginal people It will be a great time of reflection and celebration for the … Read More

Week 1 Term 4 – Kindy

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy, Religious Celebrations

Term 4 Week 1 – Welcome Back Kindergarten! The Kindergarten children have returned to Kindy refreshed and full of enthusiasm. They have been enjoying their new dramatic play area… an airport! The children were walked through the steps of buying a ticket from the travel desk, going through the security check point and enjoying the flight by having snacks and … Read More

Pre Primary G Term 4 Week 1

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary G, Religious Celebrations

This week in Religion the children have started their new topic, Remember God’s Love. Children have discussed why we remember some things and not others, and wondered about what God who created memory is like. Children have been preparing for our Para-Liturgy on Tuesday 18 October 2016 commencing at 9.00am in the Chapel. Parents are welcome to join the teachers … Read More

What’s Happening in Year 6…

Adriana WattersReligious Celebrations, Year 6

Year 6 visit to Schoenstatt Shrine Last Thursday, the class visited the Schoenstatt Shrine in Mt Richon. The origins of Schoenstatt began in Germany and it means “beautiful place.” The peaceful and tranquil surroundings was a great place for students to enjoy a Confirmation Retreat, led by Sister Lisette. The students are to be commended for the way they participated in all activities, throughout the … Read More

Week 6 in Year 5

Natasha GuglielmanaReligious Celebrations, Year 5

Tuesday 30 August 2016: Year 5 class Mass will be held in the school chapel at 9am.  All parents and friends are invited to attend followed by morning tea in the staffroom.  Please bring a plate of food to share. This week in Maths our focus has been on Fractions.  We have been learning how to convert between improper and … Read More