Year 1M Week 6 Term 4

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

In Religion this week we learnt about our Pope Francis and Archbishop Timothy Costelloe. We discovered the importance and symbolic meaning behind their holy garments including; the Mitra, the crosier and the stole. We talked about the tabernacle and it’s importance in the church. Furthermore, we used QR codes to consolidate our learning and worked with the Year 2 students … Read More

Year 1M Week 5 Term 4

Daniella RanauroYear 1M

Religion: In Religion this week we have begun our new unit ‘Prepare’ and how we prepare for the birthday of Jesus. We discussed the special events we prepare for and how we prepare for the event of Christmas and other special celebrations. We are working towards creating a list of things we do with our family to help us prepare … Read More

Year 1M Week 4 Term 4

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Religion: This week we celebrated Jesus who taught us to appreciate creation. We brainstormed living things and how they grow and change. From this we created flowers and wrote different living things in each petal, acknowledging that God gave us the ability to grow and change.      Literacy: We are delving deeper into our Narrative Writing this week and we … Read More

Week 3 Term 4 In Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

In Religion this week the children enjoyed joining in and acting out the echo pantomime actions to the story ‘Jesus got lost’. We listened to bible stories about Jesus and how we grew and changed with his family and friends. We shared how we have changed this year and the achievements we have made this far! This is our final … Read More

Year 1M Week 2 Term 4

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

This week in Religion we wrote cards to someone who helped us to change and grow, thanking them for helping us. We continued to wonder about God and shared with our peers things we can only o now because we have changed and grown. In Literacy this week we learnt the difference between character appearance, traits and feelings. We worked … Read More

Week 1 Term 4 In Year 1M

Daniella RanauroUncategorized, Year 1, Year 1M

What a fantastic start to Term 4! In Religion we have begun our unit ‘Growing and Changing’ and began by exploring all living things. We each demonstrated our prior knowledge by drawing a living thing and sharing it with the class. This then led into an open discussion about babies and the differences between adults and toddlers. Our genre for … Read More

Year 1 and Year 6 Visual Arts – Term 3

Monique FordVisual Arts, Year 1, Year 1G, Year 1M, Year 6

The Year 6 students have completed their One-Point Perspective Surreal Bedroom Drawings. This has been a 3 term project which the students have worked tirelessly on. Earlier in the year the students studied the surrealist artist Rene Magritte and his famous painting Personal Values. The students looked at the obscurity of the artwork and how the artist communicated messages through … Read More

Week 9 Term 3 In Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Literacy This week in Literacy we took part in a BIG WRITE session where we wrote a persuasive writing text independently, on the topic, ‘Summer is the best Season’. We worked very hard during the 40 minutes of writing time to construct a persuasive writing piece that followed a structure. We then viewed our persuasive text, read it to a … Read More

Week 8 Term 3 Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Religion On Tuesday we celebrate our Year 1 Para Liturgy with the theme ‘I am special’. Our differences are what makes us different and unique and God created us each different, with a purpose and gift. All the gifts he given us allows us to show love to others in many ways. What a fantastic way to acknowledge and appreciate … Read More

Week 7 Term 3 in Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

A friendly reminder to all Year 1 parents:  Tuesday 5 September 2017 (week 8) our class Para Liturgy will be held in the staff room at 9am. Religion In Religion this week we prepared for our Class Para Liturgy which will be held Tuesday 5 September 2017. We began our new unit We Belong this week. We discussed all of us … Read More

For or Against- Persuade Me! Year 1M Week 6 Term 3

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Religion In Religion this week we completed our unit ‘I am Special’. We continued to discuss Baptism and what happens when a person is baptism, furthermore we prepared for our Para Liturgy and completed our specialness (gift) drawings. Numeracy                                                    This week in Numeracy we continued to learn about Money, both coins and notes. We discussed the people on the … Read More