Week 8 in Year 2G – Term 3

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

This week in Religion we spoke about how the Holy Spirit is within each of us, and through this special power we are able to live our lives as Jesus taught us. Sometimes we find it difficult to show love all the time, however, the Holy Spirit allows us to overcome any difficulties. Children illustrated how our world would be … Read More

Week 7 of Term 3 in Year 2G

Lewis DiepMerit Certificates, Year 2, Year 2G

In religion this week children drew and illustrated different ways to show love to others. Last week we read the story “The selfish giant”, students learnt that “happiness is only real when it is shared”. Students drew a flower and replaced the petals with love hearts. Within each petal students drew and wrote a person they love. It was time … Read More

Week 6 in Year 2G – Term 3

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

Throughout Religion this week students discussed different ways they can show love to others at home and at school. Children came up with recipes that God would use when creating love. Check out our interesting recipes below. We were busy little bees this week in Numeracy. Children familised themselves with the bee bot (robot), they applied their directional knowledge to … Read More

Week 5 in Year 2G – Term 3

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

This week in Religion we learnt about Sacrament of Baptism. We discussed the special symbols and signs such as the baptism candle, baptismal font, holy water and white garments. The outward sign of the water poured on the forehead is an inward sign that God has come to live within us. We discussed the words said during the baptismal process … Read More

Week 4 – Term 3 – Year 2G

Lewis DiepMerit Certificates, Year 2G

In Religion this week we talked about the Sacrament of Baptism and that through this Sacrament we are welcomed into God’s Family. God who lives in Christians after Baptism, helps them to be part of the beauty in creation by doing what is good. We discussed that people, whom God has come to live in us (through Baptism), can become … Read More

Week 3 in Year 2G – Term 4

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

In Religion this week we thought about animals and the differences between domestic and wild animals and the environmental needs of these beautiful creatures. We discussed a few of these animals habitats and brainstormed ways in which God has catered for all these animal needs in order for them to survive. We then compared a domestic animal and wild animal … Read More

Year 2G – Week 2 Term 3

Marion PasiniYear 2, Year 2G

What an AMAZING start to the term has Year 2G had!!!! In religion we watched a video about God’s beautiful world and the nature contained within. We thought about the various types of beauty in the world and drew a picture of our most favourite animal. We then wrote a prayer of thanks to God for the beautiful creation in … Read More

Week 10 in 2G

Carmen GatcumYear 2, Year 2G

Another week has flown by in 2G! This week we had a great time learning about fractions of a collection and we used counters to help us find the answers to some fraction questions. We also coloured in fruit to show different fractions! In Literacy we worked on up-levelling, editing and publishing our Big Write Narratives from last week! The … Read More

Week 9 in Year 2G Term 2

Carmen GatcumYear 2, Year 2G

This week saw Year 2G finishing up the Religion Unit Jesus Forgives. We made cut outs of our hands or feet and write down things we can do to show love to others. In Literacy, we did our last Big Write for the term. We wrote a story about a family holiday to the Great Barrier Reef! On Friday we … Read More

Term 2 Week 8 in Year 2G

Carmen GatcumYear 2, Year 2G

We have had a wonderful week in Year 2G! This week in Religion we looked at different ways we can show love to God, our families, others and creation. We created some hanging mobiles to show 3 ways we show love to God and others. We also read stories about Jesus showing forgiveness and illustrated the beginning, middle and end … Read More

Week 7 in Year 2G

Carmen GatcumYear 2, Year 2G

Wow another week has flown by! This week we have been very busy in Religion reading stories and learning about the different jobs Jesus had. We heard stories about Jesus being a teacher, a forgiver and a healer and we created artwork to express our wonder at this. Take a look at our work below! In Maths we have been … Read More