Year 2M and Year2G Term 1 Week 2 – 2018

Sarah MickleYear 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

This week in Religion we discussed roles that people have in the community. We sorted different jobs into three categories: family, church and society. Children said a prayer of thanks for all the special jobs in our community. In English we discussed memories in preparation for the children’s next unit of work. Children discussed what memories mean to them, what … Read More

Year 2 Welcome Back! Term 1 2018

Sarah MickleYear 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

Welcome back to the 2018 school year! Mrs Dada, Mrs Hayes and Miss Mickle are excited to be teaching your children this year. In Religion this week we are learning about people who help us in the community. Children have participated in school prayers and reminded of times in the day they need to reflect. We are looking forward to … Read More

Year 2M – Week 9

Rebecca WatsonYear 1, Year 1G, Year 1M, Year 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

The Year 2 students recently visited SciTech! Students completed a STEM based activity where they were to create a parachute using only paper, tape, plastic bag and string. We trialed our product and made refinements where necessary. We took a virtual tour of space in the Planetarium where we learnt about constellations and facts about space! We then became Planet … Read More

Week 8 in Year 2G – Term 4

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

During Religion this week students worked in pairs to role play a situation where each group encountered a conflict of a person showing unloving actions to one another. Children had to develop their own solution to their problem. Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great laugh! In Literacy this week students began their draft letter to Santa. Children were … Read More

Week 6 in Year 2G! – Week 6

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

This week in Religion we were busy practicing our combined Para Liturgy with the Year 1’s and 2M. The theme for the Year 2’s is how we show love during the time of advent. Students were busy creating their display item for the Para Liturgy. During Math students looked at their final strategy for subtraction, partitioning. Students were able to … Read More

Week 5 in Year 2G

Lewis DiepYear 2G

Religion In religion this week we looked at a story from the bible. The story talked about the time Joseph and Mary found Jesus in a temple sitting among the teachers, listening and asking them questions. We discussed what questions Jesus may have asked at the temple and the reasons he had for asking these questions. Literacy In preparation for … Read More

Week 3 in Year 2G Term 4

Lewis DiepYear 2G

In Religion this week students brainstormed different ways they can show love and care to others around them. Students worked in groups to brainstorm their ideas. Students were then provided time to pick, practice and role play a scenario where they would display love and care to people around them. Students were extremely excited to celebrate NAIDOC week on Wednesday … Read More

Week 2 Term 4 in Y2G!

Lewis DiepYear 2G

In religion we role played the story of the last super and discussed the events that took place. We then analysed parts of the Eucharist that we celebrate during Mass. We discussed the words ‘do this in memory of me’ and symbolic meaning of Jesus words and actions at the time of the last supper. We have been busy preparing … Read More

Term 4 – Week 1 in 2G!

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

Welcome back to Term 4 in 2G! In Religion our focus is on the human spirit. We discussed the importance of a human spirit and that without a human spirit we would be unable to function as people. Children used plasticine to create a symbol that represents their human spirit. This week in literacy students were given small hints about … Read More

Week 8 in Year 2G – Term 3

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

This week in Religion we spoke about how the Holy Spirit is within each of us, and through this special power we are able to live our lives as Jesus taught us. Sometimes we find it difficult to show love all the time, however, the Holy Spirit allows us to overcome any difficulties. Children illustrated how our world would be … Read More

Week 7 of Term 3 in Year 2G

Lewis DiepMerit Certificates, Year 2, Year 2G

In religion this week children drew and illustrated different ways to show love to others. Last week we read the story “The selfish giant”, students learnt that “happiness is only real when it is shared”. Students drew a flower and replaced the petals with love hearts. Within each petal students drew and wrote a person they love. It was time … Read More