Mercedes College – Enrolments in 2018

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Early in 2018, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year Five students who are due to start Year Seven in 2020.  If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes and have not yet requested an information pack, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 as soon as possible.  Further information about enrolments is available on our website,

Coding Club – Week 4 – Term 4

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Week 4 of Coding Club saw our Tuesday students begin work on this term’s main project, the Sumo Wrestling Robots. The students planned out their design and began building and programming their robots. Some of our students got the wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their sumo wrestling robots at the open day on Friday.   On Wednesday the students continued working … Read More

Year 6 – Week 4 – Term 4

Marion PasiniYear 6

 Literacy  Students this week looked at Idioms and how they are used in speech. We continue with our Poetry Unit and are looking at the structure of different poems, rhyming and rhythm.   HASS We are still creating our own countries and parliamentary system, tying in Geography and climate depending on where our country is located. Students have enjoyed naming … Read More

Week 3 Term 4 Year 6

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Religious Education  Next week the will begin the unit ‘Loving Like Jesus.’ This unit focuses on puberty and showing love to others as Jesus wants. An email was sent to all parents detailing this on Thursday 26th October.  English This week the students have continued their topic of poetry and wrote outstanding limericks and colour poems. The students focus was … Read More

Coding Club – Week 2 Term 4 – Tuesday and Wednesday Group

Marion PasiniCoding Club, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

On Tuesday the Coding Club had their first chance to program and build with sensors. The students learnt about the many different uses of colour, touch and infra-red sensors. The sensors gather information and send the information to the robot and this information can be used in a variety of different ways. Last week the students discovered the different functions of ‘wait’ and ‘loop’ blocks … Read More

Week 2 Term 4 Year 6

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religion  We are continuing on with our unit from last term. In this unit we discuss our feelings and emotions, and how we can become more like Jesus in our daily interactions. We also have a look at the structure of the Bible and how the Old Testament and the New Testament differ. Literacy In Literacy we have started our … Read More

Week 1 Term 4 in Year 6

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education This week the students have focused on identifying their emotions. They have also focused on prayer and recognising that people around the world through the news and newspapers are going through hard times and in our daily prayer we have prayed for those in need and for their own blessings in their lives. English This week the students … Read More

Coding Club – Week 9 – Term 3

Marion PasiniCoding Club, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

You are invited to attend the End of Term Sumo Wrestling Robot Challenge presented to you by the students of the after school Coding Club.  When:-           Wednesday 20 September 2017  Time:-            4.10pm to 4.30pm  Where:-         Year 6 Classroom.  Please come along and see the presentation of Term 3 work that your child have been discovering and creating during Coding Club.

Year 6 – Week 9 – Term 3

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education – A huge congratulations to the year Six students who made their Confirmation over the weekend, it was a very special and reverent occasion. This week we presented our Saint Reports and finalised our Confirmation Unit. We have started our new Religious Education unit that covers all aspects of the bible, including the Old and New Testaments and … Read More

Year 1 and Year 6 Visual Arts – Term 3

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The Year 6 students have completed their One-Point Perspective Surreal Bedroom Drawings. This has been a 3 term project which the students have worked tirelessly on. Earlier in the year the students studied the surrealist artist Rene Magritte and his famous painting Personal Values. The students looked at the obscurity of the artwork and how the artist communicated messages through … Read More

Coding Club – Week 8 – Term 3

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Week 8 of Coding Club had the students begin construction on their very own Sumo Wrestling Robots! The design of these robots was left completely up to the students who all had their own approaches. Some students decided to go for a tank design whilst other students stuck with a traditional wheel design. The students also designed and built a … Read More