St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School believes retreats are an integral part of the life-long faith formation of young people. They promote systematic, intentional catechesis as part of the comprehensive evangelisation of students. St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School retreats are relational at heart. To be effective, retreat programs acknowledge the individual’s unique reality and bring the power of the Gospel into contemporary culture in a way that engages and empowers young people.

St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School retreats aim to put students in ‘communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ’(GDC 80).¹ Through the retreat experience students come to know Christian love and are exposed to a Gospel centered way of life. St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School Students hear the Gospel and are empowered to connect the Gospel message to their lives and to find ways of continuing the Church’s mission. They participate in the life of the Christian community through liturgy and through activities which emphasise growth in Christian faith.

  1. Retreats aim to provide experiences for students to know, contemplate and celebrate Jesus.
  2. Retreats are an integral part of Catholic school life. They need to be inclusive, purposeful,meaningful and take into account the culture, developmental needs and experiences of students.
  3. Retreats complement the catechesis experiences offered by the school.
  4. Retreats need to engage students in rich experiences of Catholic symbol and ritual.

The term retreat refers to time away from the normal school program where participants have the opportunity to reflect on their relationship with God. The emphasis is on students’ awareness of the presence of God in their lives. Retreats may vary in style and duration. They include experiences of prayer, discussions, reflective silence and quiet time alone.

  1. St Maria Goretti’s School arrange a day excursion for Yrs 3, 4 and 6 students who are preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation at a venue like the Schoenstatt Shrine in Armadale.
  2. Class Teachers will use the School Excursion Format for the booking of buses and venue.
  3. The Format for these Retreat days general follow a Welcoming prayer, Introduction of the Sacrament, followed by rotating activities to reinforce the ideas of the Sacrament to be Received.
  4. A school retreat program shall consider the religious and cultural backgrounds and the developmental needs of the students.
  5. A school retreat program shall include appropriate prayer and liturgical experiences.