Kindergarten Term 3 Week 7

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

The Kindy children started their very own herb garden this week. We read the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and talked about what seeds need to grow. In the afternoons we ventured outside to the playground and utilised some pots that Mr Clark gave us to plant chives, parsley, mint, chilli and basil. The children filled the pots with soil and made small holes to insert the seeds. Watch this space for updates on the progress of our seeds!

We have been spending some time with our Pre Primary friends learning about addition! The Pre Primary students made ‘addition monsters’ and showed the Kindy children how to add two numbers together using dice and counters.

The end of our week was especially exciting for the children as we hosted the Kindy dads for a special afternoon tea. The children suggested the menus and therefore each class served their dads a different selection of food. The children helped make the food during class and enjoyed some quality time eating, drinking and playing with their dads. Happy Father’s Day to all the Kindy dads!

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