Kindergarten Term 3 Week 8

Lee-Ann PavicicKindy

This week in Religious Education the Kindy children continued caring for the seeds which they planted. We made sure they received enough sun (but not too much!) and enough water. There is still no sign of any seedlings sprouting but hopefully with the beautiful Spring weather it will not be long. They sequenced pictures of the plant life cycle and are keen to see their seeds reach ‘germination’. The children have also jumped into our recycling habit wholeheartedly! Next week we will be looking at what people make out of recycled materials.

The children have also been very engaged in exploring the concepts of ‘heavy’ and ‘light’.  We read the story ‘Mighty Maddie’ who had to clean her room and found that some of her toys were very heavy and some were very light. We brainstormed what ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ mean and concluded that “heavy means you need two hands to carry it and light means you only need one hand”! Whilst we were exploring one of the children suggested that “light things break when you drop them”. Of course we had to test the theory using our two class bunnies (the small one made of foam and the larger one made of clay). The small foam bunny bounced when we dropped it… but the clay bunny shattered into pieces! This changed the children’s opinion from “light things break” to “heavy things break”! The children also played in the water trolley seeing what happened to heavy and light items in water.

The final sound that Kindy looked at this term was the ‘n’ sound. They enjoyed making Night Time Art by sponge printing stars and collaging moons and owls onto a night sky back drop.

On Fridays we visited PPM to enjoy another lesson on addition. They showed us how to use their ‘Addition Machines’ to add two numbers together.

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