Year 2M – Week 4 – Term 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

This week in Religion, children reflected upon the different parts of Mass and discussed what they enjoy about participating in the celebration. Children then illustrated their most favourite part of the Eucharistic Mass. As a class, children worked together to match sacred vessels and items with the correct QR code description.  On Monday we celebrated Book Week! The theme for … Read More

Year 1M Week 4 Term 4

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Religion: This week we celebrated Jesus who taught us to appreciate creation. We brainstormed living things and how they grow and change. From this we created flowers and wrote different living things in each petal, acknowledging that God gave us the ability to grow and change.      Literacy: We are delving deeper into our Narrative Writing this week and we … Read More

Year 1G Week 4 Term 4

Samantha GuattaYear 1, Year 1G

We have had a very busy couple of weeks in Literacy learning about Narratives, character profiles and problem/ resolution ideas. We have just started planning our own story inclusive of title, orientation, problem, solution, conclusion/ending. Each of these points will be required in our final pieces of writing which we are doing next week. The Numeracy topic for the rest … Read More

OSHC at St Maria Goretti’s Catholic School

Marion PasiniCommunity News, General News, OSHC

We have finally moved! Hooray!!!  This week in OSHC we have been using our recycled materials from our new furniture to make a drawing station outdoors. The children have been drawing beautiful artistic pieces on our large recycled cardboard. Please come have a look at their amazing work   As our roses petals started to fall, we decided to make … Read More

Week 3 Term 4 Year 6

Marion PasiniAboriginal News, Year 6

Religious Education  Next week the will begin the unit ‘Loving Like Jesus.’ This unit focuses on puberty and showing love to others as Jesus wants. An email was sent to all parents detailing this on Thursday 26th October.  English This week the students have continued their topic of poetry and wrote outstanding limericks and colour poems. The students focus was … Read More

Coding Club – Week 3 Term 4

Marion PasiniCoding Club

Week 3 of Tuesday Coding Club saw our students programming skills really put to the test. The students were given the challenge of building and programming a robot capable of going back and forth between different coloured lines and performing different tasks along the way. This challenge required the students to combine all of their previously acquired knowledge and included concepts … Read More

Year 2M – Week 3 Term 4

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

In Religion this week we learnt about the special items used during the Eucharistic Mass. During Whole School Mass on Tuesday we paid close attention to the words said, actions taken and items used during this special celebration. Children then used 3D images to create an altar showing the different items used during the Eucharistic celebration. On Wednesday our school … Read More

Pre Primary M Term 4 Week 3

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

This week in Religion we discussed that followers of Jesus remember that he taught about God’s love and that he wants everyone today to remember to show love for others. His followers try, therefore, to live as Jesus wants. In English we discussed stories. On Wednesday we took part in the school’s NADOC celebrations and the children had the opportunity … Read More

Week 3 in Year 2G Term 4

Lewis DiepYear 2G

In Religion this week students brainstormed different ways they can show love and care to others around them. Students worked in groups to brainstorm their ideas. Students were then provided time to pick, practice and role play a scenario where they would display love and care to people around them. Students were extremely excited to celebrate NAIDOC week on Wednesday … Read More

Year 2 and 3 Visual Arts – Week 3 – Term 4

Monique FordVisual Arts

The Year 2 students have been learning about abstract artist Kindah Khalidy, a California based painter and textile designer. Kindah’s work bursts with happiness. She uses abstracted organic shapes which come together into a busy composition. The children explored the different shapes and colours Kindah uses and the different interpretations of her artwork amongst the students. Each child drew and … Read More

Week 3, Term 4 in Year 5

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Wow! What an exciting week we have had in Year 5 this week.  On Tuesday we headed off on our excursion to Fremantle Prison.  When we arrived, we were introduced to our tour guide for the day, Ben, who took us around the sights of the prison.  We first started by looking around the Prison cells and Ben told us … Read More

Week 3 in Year 3 during Term 4

Gerard PolYear 3

                        NAIDOC The turn out on Wednesday for NAIDOC was amazing with special guests including members from the Aboriginal Education Team; Norman Brahim, Katie Oriti and Kylie Agale. Parents and other family members who also attended were able to see the huge amount of effort put in by the … Read More