Year 1 Literacy

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

     In Literacy we started a word sort for words ending in –ip and –in, we also began Literacy group activities. During this week we completed out Religion topic of Imagination. Word sorts: The children learnt how to cut out all their words for their word sorts and store it in a ziplock bag. We discussed as a whole … Read More

Cooking in PPM

Jayde FrostPre-Primary M

Today we learnt about the ‘Cc’ sound. We Cooked Cornflake Cookies and explored measurement using measuring utensils.

Year 3 Reconciliation preparation

Samantha GuattaYear 3

We have been preparing for Reconciliation over the past few weeks. We have made some very creative Crosses and ‘Sorry’ cubes during a rotational retreat we organised last Friday afternoon.    

Easter Para-Liturgies Celebrations

Martin BarrettReligious Celebrations

Holy Week 2016 – Easter Reflections The school will come together in the Undercover Area to focus on the significant events leading up to Easter. From Palm Sunday – Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem through to Jesus’ Resurrection. On Thursday 17 March at 2:30pm our Kindy M students will remind us of Palm Sunday. On Friday 18 March at 2:30pm … Read More

Day 2 – Morning Fitness

Martin BarrettYear 6

The campers enjoyed their first night’s sleep in the dorms before waking about 6.00 am. The children organized themselves and their dorms for the day before heading out for morning fitness lead by Mr Mumme. The children ran laps around the oval before participating in a skipping competition.  

African Drumming Session

Martin BarrettYear 6

On Monday night the children enjoyed a fantastic experience learning how to play the African drums before performing as part of a 28 drum band – it was really loud!! The drummer explained to the children how the drums were made and the skins drawn and tightened to make the sound. They are very talented drummers!

Year 3 Mathematics

Martin BarrettYear 3

In Mathematics the students learnt about equivalent fractions. They began by putting fifths on a number line between 0 and 1 (0/5,1/5,2/5 etc.), ensuring each segment was an equal part of 5. Then the children put the tenth fractions on the same number line (0/10, 1/10, 2/10 etc.) again ensuring that each fraction was an equal part of ten.   … Read More

Year 6 Mystery Display

Martin BarrettYear 6

# Mystery Display Our focus during Literacy Dedicated Time is on narratives. We have explored and discussed the different ‘genres’ found in books and movies. Students focused on the genre: MYSTERY, to brainstorm ideas using props found in a briefcase and to make connections to self, text and world. For example, we identified forms of DNA as a good connection … Read More

Year 3 Literacy

Martin BarrettYear 3

The genre we are focusing on in Literacy is procedural texts. Procedures can take many forms and we chose to begin with recipes. Together we created a delicious sugar free healthy treat called Raspberry Ripple by following the steps from a recipe. During this experience we took note of the actions we were engaging in (the verbs), for example, scattering … Read More

New Co-ordinator for Out of School Hour’s Care Centre

Martin BarrettOSHC

Hello, my name is Lianne and I will be the Out of School Hours Care Coordinator for Saint Maria Goretti, beginning term 4 of 2015. I have previously been working in Holy Name OSHC as an Educator where I have applied the skills and knowledge gained while studying for my Bachelor of Arts – Higher Degree in Applied Social Studies … Read More

New Car Park Arrangements

Martin BarrettPrincipal News Spot

I would like to thank you for your support of our new car Parking Policy and arrangements.  The traffic flow has been outstanding and the best I have seen! Parents can help in a couple of areas. Parents please use the cross walk as it will teach the children a very important life skill and make for a safer environment. Please … Read More