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Last week at OSHC we had a very sporty fun week! 

The children got creative and made nature crafts, this involved the children collecting leaves, flowers, sand, rocks etc. The children created pictures on their paper and then used the coloured spray bottles to cover their paper. This left a cool effect on the paper. The children went crazy with this activity and had lots of fun. 

We made bubble wrap hopscotch! The children created this by cutting the bubble wrap and writing the numbers on squares. We played lots of rounds of hopscotch and did lots of sequence counting. The children loved jumping on the bubble wrap and squashing the bubbles. After we finished hopscotch all the children popped all the bubbles by twisting, turning and poking the bubble wrap! 

We brought out our pet rocks for a pet rock hunt around the oval, the children hid all the pet rocks in tricky places. The children worked in teams to find the pet rocks, they had so much fun finding their precious pet rocks.  

Friendly Reminders:

  • Vacation care booking forms are out, please ensure you send them back as soon as possible.
  • Please be aware we require 24 hours’ notice of cancelation otherwise you will be charged.
  • Please ensure your child has a hat for OSHC

Fiona Wansbrough

OSHC Coordinator – St Maria Goretti’s OSHC – 64 Morrison Street, Redcliffe WA 6104

T: 08 6279 2024 M: 0413 432 139

E: smgoshc@cathednet.wa.edu.au

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