PPM Term 3 Week 8

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

This week in Religion we expressed wonder at God who gave the gift of human life. Children asked questions and discussed these. To help in celebrating the gift of life I would like children to bring in photographs of themselves as babies. We will then photograph the children holding their baby photo before sending the picture home. The children will use these photographs to help them ask questions and understand the ideas through the unit. Please bring in photographs for us to use by Friday 15.09.2017. Thank you for your assistance!

In English we practised writing sentences and reviewed using correct letter formation in our names. Children had a focus on starting letters at the correct place and forming them correctly. They sequenced pictures and wrote sentences underneath about the story they had made.

In Mathematics we have been using our fingers to add. Children have practised writing addition sentences. We had the opportunity to share our addition knowledge with the Kindergarten children on Friday, using our addition machines which we had made the previous week. Children are looking forward to taking these machines home to practise their addition at home.

A reminder to check that children have a full change of spare clothing at school in a labelled bag in their Cubbies. As the weather warms children are encouraged to experiment during outside play with water and may require a change in clothing. If possible, please also check that their spare clothing is weather appropriate and still fits.

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