Pre Primary M Term 3 Week 6

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

This week in Religion we had our Para liturgy. Children did a fantastic job and thank you to all parents who were able to join us! The Religious Education learning experience over the following weeks will help the children explore the gift of human life. To help in celebrating the gift of life I would like children to bring in photographs of themselves as babies. We will then photograph the children holding their baby photo before sending the picture home. The children will use these photographs to help them ask questions and understand the ideas through the unit. Please bring in photographs for us to use by Friday 15.09.2017. Thank you for your assistance!

In English we have had a focus on descriptive language. Children wrote some fantastic descriptions about a made up monster and used words such as wonderful, beautiful, terrible, disgusting and welcoming. Children discussed how these words help us to imagine what the character would look like. We had a special visit from a character in the story “The Gruffalo’s Child” by Julia Donaldson. Footprints were left on the floor and it looked like it had snowed in our home corner!

In Mathematics we are continuing to investigate addition. Children are having a go at adding using their fingers and objects.

On Thursday we had a class party to allow children time to celebrate their learning and time with Mrs Barden who is now on Parental leave. Children enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate their learning with Mrs Barden. Thank you to all parents who joined in the celebration!

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