Pre Primary M Term 3 Week 7

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

In Religion this week we discussed signs that we are alive. Children identified actions that people can perform because they have life, and how this has changed from when we were babies. To help in celebrating the gift of life I would like children to bring in photographs of themselves as babies. We will then photograph the children holding their baby photo before sending the picture home. The children will use these photographs to help them ask questions and understand the ideas through the unit. Please bring in photographs for us to use by Friday 15.09.2017. Thank you for your assistance!

In English children have been practicing using their finger to follow along when reading. They have been practising reading fluently and clearly. Children also had a go at picking real and made up words and separating them.

In Mathematics we have been focused on addition. Children have been using their fingers to add numbers together alone and with partners. Children have created addition machines which they are excited to use, putting two sets of objects in and counting the outcome.

We had a first aid incursion where children learnt about what to do in an emergency. They learnt how to call 000 and took home paper phones to practise pressing these buttons.

Children had a Father’s day afternoon on Friday and made pizzas for their dads. We really enjoyed the afternoon and children were excited to play games and eat afternoon tea with their dad. Thank you to all the father’s who attended!

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