SEQTA is a database service the school staff have used over the past three years to record Attendance, Pastoral Care Notes, Reports and Teaching Administrative Tasks. One component to of the SEQTA Suite is SEQTA Engage.

SEQTA Engage is a powerful tool for parents to have an overview of their child’s learning and assessments. It also provides a communication channel for parents and teachers, enabling greater collaboration and hopefully enhanced learning outcomes for the students.

Over the next 12 months a number of features will become available to parents online including the student’s semester reports and positive entries as completed by the class teachers. Into the future Direct Messaging, Homework, Assessments and other information may become available following trialing.

Mr Peter Hazelbrook presented on the range of online information available last week and Miss Guigliamania will be attending an advance users PD this week prior to extending an invitation to all parents to create a user facility. This online service is user managed after the initial invitation is extended.