Year 6 – Week 9 – Term 3

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education – A huge congratulations to the year Six students who made their Confirmation over the weekend, it was a very special and reverent occasion. This week we presented our Saint Reports and finalised our Confirmation Unit. We have started our new Religious Education unit that covers all aspects of the bible, including the Old and New Testaments and … Read More

Year 6 – Week 8 – Term 3

Marion PasiniReligious Celebrations, Year 6

Religious Education The students have had a fantastic excursion to the Schoenstatt Shrine with Sister Lisette. The students discovered many interesting things about the Sacrament of confirmation and represented the school so beautifully. On Thursday the students prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation by attending a short Mass and Reconciliation thereafter. Confirmation This Sunday the students made their Confirmation. It was a … Read More

Week 7 Term 3 in PPG

Jayde FrostPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

In Religion we discussed the different places we like to pray and drew a picture of our favourite. WE also learnt about ways we can communicate love to our families and friends. As a class we made a poster to show this. In English we continued to develop our understanding of story writing by planning our own story. We had … Read More

Week 6 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religion This week we began a new unit of work in Religion.  Our new topic for the remainder of the term is ‘God’s Creation’.  Students have investigated the different colours, creatures, plants and natural phenomena around the world.  Students worked in pairs to research the different features of creation within a particular country and we discussed all the weird and … Read More

Week 6 in PPG

Jayde FrostPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

On Tuesday we celebrate our Paraliturgy with Father Quyhn. During the Paraliturgy we discussed communication and different ways we can talk to God. It was a beautiful celebration and the children sung and spoke very well. In English we learnt about the ‘sh’ sound. We wrote words that started with a ‘sh’ and found words around the room which had … Read More

Week 4 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religion God understands that it is not easy to choose what is good as Jesus did.  Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his followers to give them the strength to choose to do good.  Each student has been exploring how the gift of the Holy Spirit has strengthened one of Jesus’ followers to do good, including Mary the mother of … Read More

Week 3 in Year 6 Term 3.

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education This week the students have begun to learn the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Gifts that they have learnt is the Spirit of Right Judgement, the Spirit of understanding and the Spirit of Wisdom. The students have also had time in the R.E. lessons to complete their projects on their chosen Saint for Confirmation. Can all students … Read More

Week 2 Term 3 Year 6

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education This week the students have begun to prepare for Confirmation beginning with the study of the unit ‘The Spirit Who Strengthens.’ They have read and drawn scripture readings based on Jesus showing strength and doing what was right in the most trying times in his life. The students should have chosen a saint name to research for their … Read More

Week 2, Term 3 in Year 5

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religious Education We have begun a new unit of work this term called ‘The Spirit Frees’.  The theme of this unit is based around the Sacrament of Confirmation.  To begin our new unit of work we discussed as a class the fact that the choices we make have consequences and when we make choices there is often an alternative.  Students … Read More

Year 6 Week 5 Term

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education This week in Religious Education the students continued to look at how we can better manage our resources so people don’t go without. In addition, the students revised the 7th Commandment and made advertisements on how to live this commandment in today’s society.  English This week’s focus was on reading comprehension. The students broke down texts into the … Read More

Year 6 – Week 4 Term 2

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education This week the students have discussed a specific resource or something they find beautiful in nature that God has created. For example, the students discussed the water cycle gives all living things fresh water to drink and that without meteorites hitting the earth when the earth was just formed there would not be any water on this planet. … Read More

Year 3G – Week 3 Term 2

Adriana WattersYear 3G

RELIGION This week, students have focussed on identifying forces in nature, by discussing and viewing ways in which water and wind brings us life, but also destroys lives! We made boats to sail and Year 3M are making kites to fly. We want to investigate ways in which the forces of creation affect our world. ENGLISH We continue to look at exposition … Read More