Year 2M – Week 5

Rebecca WatsonYear 2M

In Religion this week, children considered all they have learnt as they have grown. In groups, children worked to create a mind map of all the things they have learnt so far in their lives. This activity allowed children realise just how clever they are and all the achievements they have made. On Tuesday we celebrated Melbourne Cup. As a … Read More

Week 7 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religion In Religion this week we have been celebrating all things within creation that we have been provided with by God.  We began by watching a YouTube clip called ‘God’s Creation’, which illustrated all the weird and wonderful features of creation which we often overlook, or take for granted.  This clip inspired students to construct their own Creation acrostic poems.   … Read More

Week 6 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religion This week we began a new unit of work in Religion.  Our new topic for the remainder of the term is ‘God’s Creation’.  Students have investigated the different colours, creatures, plants and natural phenomena around the world.  Students worked in pairs to research the different features of creation within a particular country and we discussed all the weird and … Read More

Week 4 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religion God understands that it is not easy to choose what is good as Jesus did.  Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his followers to give them the strength to choose to do good.  Each student has been exploring how the gift of the Holy Spirit has strengthened one of Jesus’ followers to do good, including Mary the mother of … Read More

Year 4 News – Week 4 Term 3

Keith MummeYear 4

This week in Religion we further talked about our ability to learn through our curiosity, our imagination, our memories and our thoughts. Some of us shared some funny examples of how sometimes our imagination can be stretched a little. Finally, we reflected on the question Which of the learning gifts best helps me to discover more about God? Tuesday 15 … Read More

Week 2, Term 3 in Year 5

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religious Education We have begun a new unit of work this term called ‘The Spirit Frees’.  The theme of this unit is based around the Sacrament of Confirmation.  To begin our new unit of work we discussed as a class the fact that the choices we make have consequences and when we make choices there is often an alternative.  Students … Read More

Week 7 in Year 2G

Carmen GatcumYear 2, Year 2G

Wow another week has flown by! This week we have been very busy in Religion reading stories and learning about the different jobs Jesus had. We heard stories about Jesus being a teacher, a forgiver and a healer and we created artwork to express our wonder at this. Take a look at our work below! In Maths we have been … Read More

Week 6 Term 2 in Year 5

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Merit Certificates Congratulations to this week’s merit award recipients for Week 6: Jasmine and Jayda-Rose. Religion: This week in Religion the Year 5 class have been continuing to learn about the Rite of Baptism and the steps involved in a Baptismal ceremony.  We have also looked at the 7th Commandment (You shall not steal) and the 3rd Commandment (Remember to keep … Read More

Week 2 Term 2 – Year 6

Marion PasiniYear 6

Religious Education In R.E. this week the students have discussed the issue that God Provides for All. It is the world we live in that does not share the world’s resources evenly and as such there are communities that go without the basic necessities of life today. The discussion went on to conclude that it is the duty of the … Read More

Year 4 News

Keith MummeYear 4

Welcome back to the start of another term. Hopefully everyone had time to relax and recharge ‘their batteries’? Later this term most of the Yr 4 students will be preparing to receive their First Holy Communion. Please keep an eye out for the various dates – Parent Child Workshop 25 May, Commitment Mass will be over the weekend of 27 … Read More

PPM Term 2 Week 1

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

Our human bodies can do so many amazing things and we can enjoy and learn because of them. This week in Religion we have discussed that our bodies were created with different movements. This Religious Education unit begins with discussing the human experience of having a body. In English we revised our sounds and how to write them. We have … Read More

Year 4 – Week 5 Term 1

Keith MummeReligious Celebrations, Year 4

On Tuesday In Religion, talked about Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday) and the significance of this day. It is the day before the start of Lent – Ash Wednesday, which is a time of cleansing and fasting. Early Christians went to confession and were ‘Shriven’ – made free from their sins. It was also the last day opportunity to use up … Read More