Week 3 Term 1 2018 Year 6

Marion PasiniYear 6

This week sees the end to swimming lessons with the Year 6’s organising their belongings well and working hard to cover their learning areas to make up for the time spent at the pool.  In Religious Education we learnt all about Ash Wednesday and received the ash on our forehead in class, after the Year 4 and 5 students attended … Read More

Week 3 Term 1 Year 1G

Marion PasiniYear 1, Year 1G

Week Three has been full of swimming and learning!   In Literacy we have continued to revise some of the sounds from Pre-Primary as well as begin to learn about how to use ‘Magic E’ to change short vowels into long vowels. We have done some sound picture sorts and are getting really good as hearing if the vowel sound … Read More

Pre-Primary G – Week 3

Rebecca WatsonPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

On Tuesday, the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and reflecting upon a kind gesture they will do throughout Lent. The following day we acknowledged Ash Wednesday by having ashes placed on forehead. Children then stated one kind thing they will do throughout the Forty Days of Lent.   In Religion this week we read the story of Jesus … Read More

PPM Term 1 Week 3

Lee-Ann PavicicPre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

In Religion this week, the children continued celebrating how special God made them and talked about the special things that they can do. They drew pictures to add to our class poster showing everyone all their special talents, which included playing various sports, being good at computers, being able to do a roly poly and playing musical instruments! The children … Read More

Week 3 Term 1 in Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Swimming for the year is complete! We look forward to settling into our weekly routines. Religion: This week in the holy calendar we acknowledged the importance and meaning behind Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. The children were blessed by Ms Johnson, where they received the ashes on their forehead. We spent the remainder of the week reading and understanding the … Read More

Week 3 in Year 5 – Term 1 2018

Lewis DiepYear 5

The Year 4 and Year 5 students went to Ash Wednesday Mass last week. The new Year 5 choir sang beautifully. In Religion this week and in preparation for Lent students made Lenten promises. Children came up with many different promises. Students then decorated their promise and we collated them for display. This week in Numeracy students began looking at … Read More

Year 3G Week 2 Term 1 2018

Marion PasiniYear 3, Year 3G

Religion Our units this term focus on Forgiveness and Sacrifice and we have started by learning about moral choices and actions that make us feel either good or bad. In the lead up to Reconciliation it’s vital for parents to become familiar with significant dates (see below). Please also check that if your child is making Reconciliation that they have … Read More

Year 6 – Term 1 Week 2 2018

Marion PasiniYear 6

The students have settled well into Term with the busyness of swimming lessons and getting ready for our camp in Week 4. They have thoroughly enjoyed their new classroom and new facilities. The students have been working very well and both Tiffany and myself are truly blessed to working with such a great bunch of student. Religious Education This week … Read More

Year 1G – Week 2 Term 1 2018

Marion PasiniYear 1, Year 1G

What a great start all the Year 1G students have made this year. It has been a very busy start with swimming however, the children are handling it so well. They have come to class with smiles and positive attitudes ready to start the day. We thank you for this.  In Literacy we have been creating a word book based … Read More

Week 2 in Year 5 Term 1 2018

Lewis DiepYear 5

This week in Religion students were tasked with creating Wonder Cubes, they wrote down any thoughts, questions or feelings they had about God’s creation. Children came up with many brilliant ideas and thoughts to put onto their Wonder Cube. During Literacy students began looking at persuasive text structures. Children were able to correctly identify the 6 parts of these texts … Read More

Pre-Primary G – Week 2 – Term 1 2018

Rebecca WatsonPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

In Religion this week, PPG Students gave compliments to one another about what makes each person special and unique. We rolled a ball of wool to one another and as a class we named something special about each person. This got us thinking about what we like about ourselves and things that we are good at. Children then stated the … Read More

PPM Term 1 Week 2 2018

Lee-Ann PavicicPre-Primary M

Pre Primary M have had a wonderful and busy start to the term. The children are enjoying their beautiful new classroom and learning centers, including the home corner, blocks and construction, drawing table, reading couch and ‘play school’ area. We are using our lovely shady decked veranda to do painting and craft activities and judging by the wet soggy clothes being sent … Read More