Year 4 News – Week 8 – Term 3

Keith MummeYear 4

In Religion we have learnt about the main teachings of Jesus about our faith. They have called these the Four Pillars – The Creed, The Sacraments, The Commandments of Jesus, The Lord’s Prayer. In Literacy, we are continuing our author study on Paul Jennings and then comparing the short story with the same story presented as a short movie. In … Read More

Week 8 Term 3 Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Religion On Tuesday we celebrate our Year 1 Para Liturgy with the theme ‘I am special’. Our differences are what makes us different and unique and God created us each different, with a purpose and gift. All the gifts he given us allows us to show love to others in many ways. What a fantastic way to acknowledge and appreciate … Read More

Week 4 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5

Religion God understands that it is not easy to choose what is good as Jesus did.  Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to his followers to give them the strength to choose to do good.  Each student has been exploring how the gift of the Holy Spirit has strengthened one of Jesus’ followers to do good, including Mary the mother of … Read More

PPM Term 3 Week 4

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

This week in Religion we explored communication. Children discussed ways that we communicate and brainstormed what communication means to them. We created wonder questions about communication which we added to our Religion board. In English we have begun looking at sentence content. Children had a go at writing a sentence containing “who”, “where” and “what doing”. An example is “The … Read More

Week 4 in Year 1M – Term 3

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

In Religion this week we began our new unit ‘I am Special’. Year 1M and Year 1G worked together to identify what makes each of us different and special. We used mirrors to view our facial feature differences and drew a self-portrait of ourselves. The students put a lot of work into their portraits which will be on display at … Read More

Year 1G Week 4

Samantha GuattaYear 1, Year 1G

This week during Literacy we have been sorting different procedures into the correct sequence in order to identify the main parts of a Procedure. We also started to write our own procedures based on the playdough Dinosaurs we made. These will be on display in our classroom over the next few weeks. We have been doing Guided reading during the … Read More

PPM Term 3 Week 3

Sarah MicklePre-Primary, Pre-Primary M

This week in Religion we discussed how we can care for God’s creation. If you would like to support children’s learning at home you could: share stories about times you have enjoyed creation. list all the ‘living’ and ‘non-living things in your home. discuss the ways you care for creation at home, for example feeding pets, gardening, etc. In English … Read More

Year 2M – Week 3 – Term 3

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

In Religion this week we thought about domestic pets and wild animals and the environmental needs of these creatures. We discussed these animals’ habitats and brainstormed ways in which God has catered for each animal’s needs in order for them to survive. We then compared a domestic animal and wild animal through a diagram outlining each animals’ living environment. We … Read More

Week 3 Term 3 – Year 3M

Gerard PolYear 3, Year 3G, Year 3M

Religion The Year 3 students celebrated Liturgy of the Word with Baptism as our theme. We looked at how this special occasion signals the beginning of our relationship with God. Students created spirals with words and images on, showing what it is that makes them feel alive. The spiral represented the everlasting nature of our soul and God, and how … Read More

Week 3 In Year 1M!

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

In Religion this week we finished our unit ‘Friends Together’. We shared stories from the bible and acknowledged that Jesus came to show people how to live as friends. We then discussed what Jesus did to show he was a good friend to others and role played some of the actions Jesus displayed including ways we as his followers can … Read More

Week 2 Term 3 in Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

Our unit in Religion this week is ‘Friends Together’ we read the story of Jesus and Zaccheus and acted out a class pantomime. This helped us to remember the story and sequence it together. Our discussions this week were about Jesus as the Son of God was sent to us to show people the way of God. How to show … Read More

Year 2G – Week 2 Term 3

Marion PasiniYear 2, Year 2G

What an AMAZING start to the term has Year 2G had!!!! In religion we watched a video about God’s beautiful world and the nature contained within. We thought about the various types of beauty in the world and drew a picture of our most favourite animal. We then wrote a prayer of thanks to God for the beautiful creation in … Read More