Week 6 In Year 3 – Term 3

Gerard PolYear 3, Year 3M


We’ve been learning about how we can pray to different Saints for guidance during different times in our lives. We pray to Mother Mary in particular using the Hail Mary. Some students did some extra research to find out that this prayer also goes by the name Ave Maria and is said during the Rosary.


Here are some of the numbers the Year 3 students have been partitioning this week:

2 800 | 15 532 | 98 745 | 167 354 | 2 223 444 | 476 735 912

A few started using ‘powers of’ to represent these numbers because they were so BIG.

Scitech Excursion

On Tuesday, both Year 3 classes went on an excursion to Scitech to learn about forensic science and how to collect DNA to build  case. We learned about the process of looking for evidence and that people on trial aren’t convicted from accusations but rather by what the evidence indicates. This ties in with our ‘Who Dunnit?’ Theme this term where we’ve looked at solving mysteries, disguises, crime and more.

We were lucky enough to also explore other areas of Scitech including the Space Observatory and the Innovation and Technologies area. Everyone was exhausted by the time we returned to school!


We only have 4 weeks left until holidays. Yes, we are over half way through the term…

Please make sure students are arriving and leaving school wearing their uniforms correctly- shirts tucked in and ties adjusted properly etc.

Students write in their homework diaries at the beginning of every week, the homework to be completed. They are asked to get it signed daily and will have it checked the following day.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 200 and 400 metre races last Wednesday as well as those who placed. You ran with great endurance! Not to mention, the weather was beautiful!!

The remaining events for the Athletics Carnival will take place this Wednesday 30 August 2017, at school.

A big round of applause to Luca, Gemma and William for winning the West Australian Design an Advertisement Competition, and all students who put in time and effort. The designs looked amazing.

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