Week 7 Term 3 in PPG

Jayde FrostPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

In Religion we discussed the different places we like to pray and drew a picture of our favourite. WE also learnt about ways we can communicate love to our families and friends. As a class we made a poster to show this.

In English we continued to develop our understanding of story writing by planning our own story. We had to decide who the characters were, where the story took place and what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Next week we will be using our story plans to write our own stories. We learnt about the ‘th’ sound and wrote down words that start with that sound.

In Maths we begun to explore the concept of sharing. In groups the children were given different numbers of objects and they learnt to share these objects evenly. We are also focusing on number formation for the remainder of the term.

On Thursday we had a lady from St John Ambulance come and read us a story about calling 000 in an emergency. She brought along her Bear helper Kura who helped explain what an emergency is and how you can call for help. All of the children received pretend phones to practice calling 000.

On Friday we celebrated Father’s Day with a special afternoon tea. We enjoyed spoiling our Dads with yummy pizzas and showing them what we do in Pre-Primary.

In History we continued to learn about families and discussed people who live in our houses. We did a coding activity using different colours to represent different people.

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