Week 7 of Term 3 in Year 2G

Lewis DiepMerit Certificates, Year 2, Year 2G

In religion this week children drew and illustrated different ways to show love to others. Last week we read the story “The selfish giant”, students learnt that “happiness is only real when it is shared”. Students drew a flower and replaced the petals with love hearts. Within each petal students drew and wrote a person they love.

It was time to move on from South Africa. Children were given hints for the next country they are looking at and it was… CANADA! Students were extremely excited to learn about beautiful Canada. Children began researching different foods, places and celebrations Canada has to offer in preparation for their Big Write.

In numeracy we are learning about 2D shapes. Students identified the key features of basic shapes and complex shapes such as rhombus, octagon, pentagon, hexagon and diamond. We also coloured and designed our shape fox. Students labelled each shape they used to make their colourful foxes!

St John of God came down to visit on Thursday and taught the Year 2 students the steps they need to take during an emergency. The steps children learnt were Danger, Response and triple zero. Children learnt what information they need to provide during an emergency such as where they are, what has happened and if they need the police, ambulance or fire department.

Students were eager to finally present their geography project to their peers. Children presented their country’s population, currency, landmarks, traditions, flag, language spoken and an interesting fact about the country.

This week in science we had a review lesson where students demonstrated their newly learnt knowledge of push and pull forces.


Congratulations to this week’s Merit Award recipients Ethan Holland and Jessica Lynton.

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