Week 7 Term 3 in Year 1M

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

A friendly reminder to all Year 1 parents:  Tuesday 5 September 2017 (week 8) our class Para Liturgy will be held in the staff room at 9am.


In Religion this week we prepared for our Class Para Liturgy which will be held Tuesday 5 September 2017. We began our new unit We Belong this week. We discussed all of us as part of God’s family and then talked about our own family, later drawing a family tree. We wondered at God who created us to belong to families and groups in our society and brainstormed groups we belong to including: football clubs, dance companies and tennis club.


This week is all about time! We firstly began by sharing our prior knowledge on time. We then observed the features of a clock and did a ‘turn and talk’ with a partner. Together, with our observations we created a whole class outdoor clocks. We talked about the hands and how they move clockwise around the clock. We learnt what o’clock and half past is and the positions of the hands to show these times, how many minutes in 1 hour and timed 1 minute to teach children how there are 60 minutes in 1 hour. Check out our pictures, we had a ball!




In literacy this week we observed and completed a ‘break down’ activity of the structure of a persuasive text. We viewed the language (VCOP) gang and began to understand ‘strong words’ used to convince others and make our sentences strong and powerful.


In Science this week we viewed the defence features on a dinosaur’s body and how they used these features to protect themselves from other dinosaurs. We circled the features on four different dinosaurs and shared how they would use their plates for scaring dinosaurs and their spikes on their tails to whip dinosaurs. The children also used their imagination to think of how they could create a shield and what materials they would make it with to protect themselves. We watched a video of a scientifically created video of two dinosaurs battling, the children observed the external features that were used.

This week our news topic was ‘My favourite toy’.

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