Week 7 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5


In Religion this week we have been celebrating all things within creation that we have been provided with by God.  We began by watching a YouTube clip called ‘God’s Creation’, which illustrated all the weird and wonderful features of creation which we often overlook, or take for granted.  This clip inspired students to construct their own Creation acrostic poems.



Our focus in Mathematics this week has been on Capacity and Volume.  The class have been identifying the difference between capacity and volume, as well a taking part in a number of hands on activities requiring students to estimate and accurately measure the capacity and volume of objects.  We began the week by estimating the capacity of a range of containers and then using measuring jugs to accurately measure each.  We then created our own boxes which we used to estimate and measure the volume of each, first by using centimetre cubes, and then using the formula length x width x height.


In Literacy this week we have been continuing to refine and publish our Information Reports about celebrations from around the world.  Within our Literacy group activities students have been practising a number of reading skills.  Students have thoroughly enjoyed working on their oral presentation skills by participating in Reader’s Theatre activities.  This activity requires students to apply oral language skills to present a short poem or script to the class focusing on engaging their audience.  Students have also been working on their note-taking skills and identifying the meaning of unknown words in texts.  Another activity this week gave students the opportunity to complete some partner reading, focusing on developing fluency and expression when reading aloud.




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