Week 8 in Year 2G – Term 3

Lewis DiepYear 2, Year 2G

This week in Religion we spoke about how the Holy Spirit is within each of us, and through this special power we are able to live our lives as Jesus taught us. Sometimes we find it difficult to show love all the time, however, the Holy Spirit allows us to overcome any difficulties. Children illustrated how our world would be different if everyone allowed the Holy Spirit within to guide our actions and follow God’s Word.

In Literacy we were super busy researching and planning for our next report about Canada. We have learnt all about poutine a traditional food eaten in Canada, the Rocky Mountains and Victoria Day. We then began planning for our report!

We have been busy flipping, turning and sliding shapes this week in Numeracy! We are learning all about shape tessellation. Children wrote the first letter of their name in bubble writing and showed how the letter changes when flipped, turned and slid.

Children went through a virtual tour of Cockman house during history this week. Children looked at the oldest remaining house in Wanneroo which students discovered to be over 130 years old! Students compared living conditions from then to now. We were amazed to see how technology has improved the living conditions at home over time. We made connections to things such as the ease of hot water, a toilet inside the house, kitchens and bathrooms.

We were very fortunate to have the fire and air services visit us with their fire trucks on Wednesday! We began by learning about the role of a fireman and how they help our community. We spoke about fire emergency situations and how we can prevent fires. It was then time to check out the trucks, and weren’t they impressive!?! We looked different hoses, tools and even got to sit in the front seat and move the main hose attached to the truck… it was awesome!

We were so excited to finally have our sport carnival on Thursday. It was a fantastic day. We cheered hard for our factions and were so proud of our achievements.

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