Week 8 in Year 5, Term 3

Natasha GuglielmanaYear 5


This week in Religion we have been exploring the Lord’s Prayer.  We have been focusing on developing an understanding of the meaning of the words used in the Lord’s prayer.  We first began by breaking down the prayer and discussing the meaning and intentions of each sentence.  We then played a rage of games in pairs/small groups to help us remember the meaning of each part of the prayer.


This week in Maths we finished off our unit on measurement- capacity, mass and volume and we have begun looking at the topic of Geometry.  We investigated a range of three dimensional shapes to identify their features, including vertices, edges and faces.


In English, students are working on publishing their Information Reports in a format of their choice.  We have also been discussing oral presentation skills in preparation for presenting their Information Report as an oral presentation to the class.

First Aid Incursion

On Tuesday, Claire from St John’s Ambulance Service came to visit us to teach us about delivering First Aid to an unconscious person.  As a class we reviewed the steps involved in DRS ABCD.

DANGER: Check for danger of self, others and patient

RESPONSE: Call out to the patient, before leaning over them and squeezing their shoulders to try and get a response.

SEND: Send for help and call 000

AIRWAYS: Check, clear and open patient’s airways.

BREATHING: Place hand on chest under rib cage and put ear to mouth to check if patient is breathing.  If patient is breathing put them in the recovery position.



Students had the chance to practise following these steps and putting a patient in the recovery position.


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