Year 1G – Week 7 – Term 3

Michelle GlanvilleYear 1, Year 1G


This week in Numeracy we started a new unit – Time. We are learning how to tell the time to the half hour, using both an analogue clock and a digital clock. We are so excited to learn how to tell the time to the half hour!


This week in Literacy we are continuing with Persuasive Writing. We read through and analysed a range of Persuasive Texts; ‘All Children Should Learn How to Swim’, ‘Children Should Not Eat Fast Food’ and ‘Everyone Should Wear a Hat in the Sun’. We highlighted the VCOP gang (Vinnie Vocabulary, Connie Connectives, Ollie Openers and Penny Punctuation) in each text and completed a text breakdown sheet in our groups by writing down the- title, 3 arguments and authors point of view. We discussed the specific language used in Persuasive texts (language of opinion and language of sequence). We also learnt how to use strong words to make our writing more convincing.


We have started a new unit in Religion this week. It is called ‘We Belong’. We are discussing what different groups we belong to and creating a family tree.


In technologies this week we focused on how we are going to make our dinosaur raft. We had to test different materials to see which ones are waterproof and which ones float. This will ensure we choose the right materials to make the perfect raft for our dinosaur!


On Thursday the 31st of August we had a special visitor come and talk to us from St. John Ambulance First Aid. She taught us what ’emergency’ meant and when we should call triple 0 for help. She also taught us what we should do first before calling triple 0, which is to look for danger and to see if there is a response from the person by yelling their name or tapping their shoulder. We thoroughly enjoyed it!


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