Samantha GuattaYear 1, Year 1G

Recently, both Year 1 classes had their Para-Liturgy. The theme was ‘I am Special’. Firstly thank you Father for being with us for this and thank you to all the parents and family members who attended, you all assisted in making this very special. The year 1 students did a wonderful job and sang two beautiful songs as well as showed 2 different pieces of work they have done in Religion.

The students also celebrated Father’s Day and we hope all the Dad’s and other male role models in the students lives had a wonderful time. We created wooden photo frames, took pictures in our photo booth and did lots of other fun activities. Thank you for making the effort to come in.

In Literacy we have made great progress with our Genre of Persuasive texts. We have shown we are beginning to understand this genre by writing a whole class text about ‘not squishing ants’ and it is very persuasive and follows all the correct structures. We will continue this Genre until the end of Term 3 and cannot wait to show everyone our final text pieces when they are finished.

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