Year 2M – Week 6 – Term 3

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

Throughout Religion this week, students discussed different ways they can show love to others at home and school. Children then created recipes that God would use when creating love.

We were busy little bee’s this week in Numeracy! Children familiarised themselves with Bee Bots (robots!) and applied their directional knowledge to make the Bee Bots move through multiple obstacle course. They competed against each other to finish first…! In teams, children recorded their Bee Bot’s movements using grid paper and directional language (1/2 turn, ¼, ¾ turn, full turn).



We spent the week researching and planning for our Big Write this week! We learnt about popular foods, traditions and landmarks in South Africa. On Thursday children then wrote an informative report, following the correct format, about the country and shared these with a peer. They were so very proud of their tremendous effort!

In Health we completed a relationship circle, showing who is in our family, who our friends are, helpers in the community and places we may go where we see strangers. Then as a class, we discussed how we behave and act differently with each relationship circle. Constable Care also came to visit us on today. We learnt all about keeping safe when travelling to school on a bike or walking. It was a very entertaining performance!

In Technology this week we looked observed a photograph of a strange looking item. Students then independently completed a chart of what they see, what they think and how they feel about this photograph. Children then learnt that this item was called a candlestick telephone and was a source of communication. We then thought about current modes of communication and how these make our lives so much easier to speak with one another.

This week in Science students conducted two experiments involving the source of air. The first experiment students had to capture air inside a plastic bag and describe how the bag had changed and what independent variable would cause the bag to deflate. Secondly, children were given a cup, tissue and bowl of water. Students were then instructed to place the tissue at the bottom of the cup, predict if the tissue would get wet when put in the bowl of water and immerse the cup in the bowl of water. Children were baffled when the tissue did not get wet! We noticed there was a force pushing upwards when the cup was immersed in water.

Children began adding the final touches to their posters and started practising for their presentations about their chosen country.

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