Year 2M – Week 7

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

Last week we read the story the story ‘The Selfish Giant’ and learnt “happiness is only real when it is shared”. Children then traced their handprint and illustrated one way that they show love to others.

It was time to stamp our passports and depart for our next adventure. Children were given clues for the next country we are visiting… puzzles of famous landmarks and animals, maple syrup and information cards. They were quick to work out the country we are going to when they solved the puzzle of the countries flag… CANADA! Children then began researching information in groups about the country in preparation for their report.

In Numeracy we are learning about 2D shape. Children learnt to identify the key features of basic and complex shapes such as hexagon, octagon, rhombus, pentagon and diamond. They also experimented with drawing these shapes using isometric paper. We then create models of 2D shapes using play dough, recorded its features and took a photo of our work.

St John of God came out to visit us this week! We learnt to look for danger in an emergency situation and learnt how to respond.


Students were eager to finally present their geography project to their peers. Children presented their country’s population, currency, landmarks, traditions, flag, language spoken and interesting facts.



In History this week, we graphed the different ways children got to school for that morning. We thought about and brainstormed ways children got to school 100 years ago. We then looked closely at photographs of transportation from 100 years ago. We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport. Children then recorded their response and discussed the impact of today’s form of transportation.

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