Year 4 News – Week 6 – Term 3

Keith MummeYear 4

In Religion this week we looked at how Jesus used his imagination to tell parables which contained lessons for people to understand and follow. We also read the scripture story from Mark to identify the 12 Apostles Jesus chose to help him spread the Good News.

In Literacy we recalled what a compound word is, then in small groups we brainstormed as many examples of compound words we could recall. We each chose two examples and created a slightly different compound word by swapping them around and then illustrated them, for example rattlesnake and lighthouse became rattlehouse and lightsnake.

Also in Literacy, we listened to a short story written by Paul Jennings and then compared it with a short DVD of the same story. We identified some similarities and differences between a written story and a short film.

In Math’s we have been looking at factors, multiples and square numbers.

On Tuesday afternoon we went up to the Year 6 classroom were we buddied up with a Yr 6 student who then explained and introduced us to coding using microbits. It was quite cool and we look forward to another session to learn some new skills.

Congratulations to Mackenzie and Isabel for receiving a Merit certificate this week.


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