Year 4 News Week 7 – Term 4

Keith MummeYear 4

In Religion this week, we looked at the titles given to the modern day leaders of the Church – Pope, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests. With a partner, we are trying to produce a power point presentation to show a picture and the name of the Pope, Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishop of the Perth Diocese, the Bishop’s of the Bunbury, Geraldton and Broome Diocese as well as our local Parish Priest.

In Literacy, we recalled what is meant by ‘baseword’ – the original part of a word before a suffix or prefix is added to change its meaning.

In Math’s we are multiplying a two, three, or four digit number by a single digit number. We have discussed that it helps to know our times table facts.

In Science we have been observing different types of gloves to try and identify their possible use, what they are made from, special features or designs of the glove and what else the glove could be used for.

We also had a 1st Aid incursion where we learnt how to put a person into the recovery position and the importance of DR SAB.

Finally we have been busy making a little surprise gift for our ‘Dad’s’ to give to them on Father’s Day.

Just a reminder for students to keep up to date with their Mathletic tasks and Lexile Quizzes.

Congratulations to the two Chanel’s for receiving a Merit certificate this week.

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