Pre-Primary G – Week 2 – Term 1 2018

Rebecca WatsonPre-Primary, Pre-Primary G

In Religion this week, PPG Students gave compliments to one another about what makes each person special and unique. We rolled a ball of wool to one another and as a class we named something special about each person. This got us thinking about what we like about ourselves and things that we are good at. Children then stated the … Read More

Year 2M and Year2G Term 1 Week 2 – 2018

Sarah MickleYear 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

This week in Religion we discussed roles that people have in the community. We sorted different jobs into three categories: family, church and society. Children said a prayer of thanks for all the special jobs in our community. In English we discussed memories in preparation for the children’s next unit of work. Children discussed what memories mean to them, what … Read More

Welcome to Year 4M for 2018

Marion PasiniUncategorized

A big welcome to all the Year 4M students and their parents.  I would like to welcome Talia to our class. We have had a great start to the year and I look forward to a productive year ahead. In case you don’t know me my name is Mr Mumme. The class has been doing some ‘getting to know you’ … Read More

Year 1G Week 1 Term 1 2018

Marion PasiniYear 1, Year 1G

  Welcome to Year 1G with Mrs. Guatta and Mrs. Peake!    A huge welcome to all the Year 1G students and their parents. Thank you for making the time to introduce yourself to us.  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your child and see their growth and development over the coming year! Parents, … Read More

Year 3G – Welcome Back to 2018

Marion PasiniYear 3, Year 3G

A warm welcome back to students and parents of Year 3G! We hope you have shared many wonderful times with family and friends over the festive season and are ready for an exciting year ahead.  My name is Mrs Watters and I have the pleasure of teaching Year 3G over the course of this year. This will be my tenth … Read More

Year 2 Welcome Back! Term 1 2018

Sarah MickleYear 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

Welcome back to the 2018 school year! Mrs Dada, Mrs Hayes and Miss Mickle are excited to be teaching your children this year. In Religion this week we are learning about people who help us in the community. Children have participated in school prayers and reminded of times in the day they need to reflect. We are looking forward to … Read More

Year 2M – Week 9

Rebecca WatsonYear 1, Year 1G, Year 1M, Year 2, Year 2G, Year 2M

The Year 2 students recently visited SciTech! Students completed a STEM based activity where they were to create a parachute using only paper, tape, plastic bag and string. We trialed our product and made refinements where necessary. We took a virtual tour of space in the Planetarium where we learnt about constellations and facts about space! We then became Planet … Read More

Year 1G – Week 8 Blog

Michelle GlanvilleYear 1, Year 1G

Literacy This week in Literacy we have been continuing to create our Informational Posters on the sea creature we had chosen when we went on our excursion to AQWA. We included; 3 interesting facts, habitat, appearance and diet. We also drew some pretty amazing pictures to go with it! They are looking absolutely fabulous! Numeracy This week in Numeracy we … Read More

Let’s End the Year with a BANG! Week 8 in Year 1M!

Daniella RanauroYear 1, Year 1M

This week the Year 1 children began the COUNTDOWN off our final days of school! We are ending the year with a BANG! Each day we will be popping a balloon and completing a fun Christmas STEM task as well as responding to a question that come out of the balloon once popped! Day 10: Today was day 10 of … Read More

Year 2M – Week 8

Rebecca WatsonYear 2, Year 2M

This week we spent time in the Chapel praying for our fellow friends in California, wishing them a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Children also stated ways they will show love to others during the season of Advent. Year 2M were assigned a project to learn about different ways people in other countries celebrate Christmas. … Read More

Week 7 – Term 4 – Year 4

Marion PasiniYear 4

Year 4 has been very busy preparing for our presentations this Friday on the topic on the First Fleet and Navigators. We are excited to share our knowledge and ideas with our peers. We have worked very hard and shown confidence, dedication and cooperative skills throughout this process.

Year 6 Term 4 Week 7

Marion PasiniYear 6

This week the students continued their great behaviour which it to be commended. The Year 6 class should get a real big pat on their back for the way that they have conducted themselves throughout Week 5. Well done to all. During Religious Education the students are concluding their unit on puberty. Can you please support you child by speaking … Read More